Social Icon Sessions


What ARE Social icon sessionS?

Our Social Icon Sessions are event series designed to support female influencers in creating & sharing more content for good, while also learning how to turn their passions into new revenue. 

We're creating a “brand-free zone” for Social Icons to connect, discover new passions, and collaborate on ways to change the world through positive media! 

This is for you if...

You’re a female influencer seeking more depth and impact in what you create and share, and new friends to create with. Whether you have 50,000 followers or 5 million, whether you are already a vocal activist for something or are just starting to figure out what matters to you, you can benefit from being around other female influencers who care.


Join our Tribe of Social Icons


What you get by attending 

✔️A private space to gather with other peers: chat, learn, share, snack, be inspired, and make new friends 

✔️Access to a private online community for attendees so you can stay in touch after (with a fun & easy to use group communication app that organizes around topics) 

✔️An online toolkit that has references and helpful tips for many of the things we’ll talk about

✔️Ongoing Access to an “idea vault” with ideas for fun projects/collaborations/campaigns where you can do good while also earning $

✔️A supportive group of badass ladies at your fingertips - ones who want to see each other succeed and help the world

How is this Different from other Events?

✔️We are a "brand-free zone", meaning our Sessions are not sponsored by any brands.  This time is about YOU. Made possible by you. So you can enjoy a space that is not clouded by brands trying to get your attention.