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Social Icon Interviews: Colleen Cole

As a model as well as an animal lover and vegan activist, Colleen Cole uses the platform she’s grown to share some of the causes she’s passionate about. In her interview, she talks about how she started her plant-based journey, and why it’s important to her to speak up about animal rights.

Social Icon Interviews: Liana Blackburn

Liana Blackburn is a Los Angeles based professional dancer who developed a passion to be as healthy and sustainable as possible, even while traveling the world. She shares her unique perspectives on dance, her top tips for healthy food on the go, and some of the valuable insights she’s learned teaching.

Social Icon Interviews: Jesse Golden

As an entrepreneur, author, yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, and single mom, Jesse Golden took everything she had learned and experienced that could help others heal and thrive and created The Golden Secrets. She tells us why she’s passionate about health, supporting others, and using her platform to bring positive change.

Social Icon Interviews: Raoum

From her home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Vegan blogger & YouTube creator Raoum shared with us some of her thoughts on how culture is shifting to be more conscious of sustainability and health, along with what keeps her going and why we all need to get enough sleep.

Social Icon Interviews: Abigail O'Neill

Australian model and wellness author, Abigail, tells us why we need to change the conversation around beauty and ageing in our culture today. She’s lived a natural & organic lifestyle for 30+ years - way before it was the trending thing to do, and she shares some of her top tips for eating, feeling, and loving well.

Social Icon Interviews: Valeria Frei

Vegan blogger & E-book author, Valeria, makes plant-based eating simple and inviting. She shared with us some of her best tips for those starting a plant-based diet, along with why she thinks it’s important to vote and what she hopes for her generation.

Social Icon Interviews: Valentina Zelyaeva

As a Model and Certified Health Coach, Valentina Zelyaeva knows her stuff when it comes to wellness. The Social Icon shared with us her passion for meditating, reducing plastic in our oceans, and taking life’s learning lessons in stride.