Social Icon Interviews: Jesee

Social Icon Interviews: Jesee


Jesee / @peacepioneer

On mindful reactions, raw fruits, and why love is the answer.

If you only scrolled through the photos on Jesee’s/ @peacepioneer account, and didn’t pause long enough to read any of her words, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice. A photo might show her beautiful, makeup-free face, but skip the words and you’d miss out on asking yourself the questions she’s poses, such as: “What types of work, relationships and projects are you doing that benefit the Earth and all her creatures?”

This question is at the core of why we do what we do. And it’s a commonality we see in all Social Icons: they are asking themselves this question, and they are using their platforms to benefit earth and all creatures.

In our hyper-rushed world, Jesee is a refreshingly kind reminder that we all need to slow down and tune in more. Her wisdom is way beyond her years… so grab a fresh juice, get comfortable, and get ready to expand your mind!

Q: You share so much wonderful and positive content, especially around spirituality, energy, nature and self-love.

What has inspired your personal journey and your desire to share with the world?

A: I share to empower connection and embrace harmony. The connection to our true self- which is the connection to all things in the multi-universe.

The ‘veil of separation’ that an individual mind creates, can cause suffering on a mental, emotional and physical level. Through self observations, I brought stillness to my mind and saw the connection to all life. Now, living without these illusions of disunion, I am this inner peace that we all can be. By uniting with the world, I found a deep self-love with compassion for myself and all life forms.

I am inspired by creation itself: the geometrical perfection of nature, musical vibrations, the love that motivates us and the entire cosmos — that I once thought was a mystery — which now brings me multi-dimensional clarity. I find new inspirations through every breath.

I share by being a bridge to this deep inner wisdom and collective harmony in us all. We always have access to this observational peace within and the connection universally. As we all understand and feel this state of being-ness as a whole, peace will be manifested outside of us as a result. I teach that our inner-environment is to be nourished first, in order to create a fruitful utopia for those that choose to embody such thinking. It starts within you.

Q: What drew you to Bali?

A: The energy of the island has fascinated me to the point of deep exploration. I was looking for a place with an abundance of fruits, beach life, awakened souls aligned with my self discovery, vegan scenes, yoga, waterfalls and jungles. Just as simple as that! :)

I greatly enjoy nature, landscapes, people of the land and all the interesting seekers I meet in Bali. Bali is home for now until the next adventure awaits.

“There are many labels, but at the end of the day food is energy. You either eat energy that makes you vibrant, vital and energized, or you eat food that makes you heavy, tired and sick.”

Q: What three topics or causes are you most passionate about sharing right now - something that could really help the world if everyone did it/ got on board?


  1. REACTING. When we learn the art of observation we set ourselves free. The less we react the less we become a ‘victim’ of ourselves. Being very mindfully aware in each moment, that we have complete control over our actions and our ‘re’-actions, keeps us in harmony with our true essence of wholeness. When you react to something, notice what emotions arise. Find the source of the emotion inside yourself: why it’s truly there and why it has you reacting. Then surrender to it, make peace with it, release it and go back to being an observer of life. This is a healthy cycle to process your thoughts, actions and emotions when you do react, so that you may release the limitations instead of suppressing them. Reacting feeds a void.

  2. FOOD. I love this topic. I eat plant-based or vegan. There are many labels, but at the end of the day food is energy. You either eat energy that makes you vibrant, vital and energized, or you eat food that makes you heavy, tired and sick. I took a few steps further than just the basic vegan diet and now eat a high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet which has healed many physical ailments on my journey. I enjoy intuitive eating, and this is where it led me. {Editor note: intuitive eating means you follow what your body is intuitively telling you to eat, what works for you.}


Besides all the health benefits of this lifestyle, it has an abundant effect on the earth globally. It means saving more animals’ lives each day, renewing lands, saving water, creating more compassion, the list could really go on. There are infinite useful benefits of eating vegan. Vegan is very simple: cut out the middle man (innocent animals) and eat fresh, local, living (raw or lightly cooked) wholesome foods that your body is intuitively asking for. And be fully present during each meal. 

  3. UNITY. Once you ‘believe’ that there is separation between you and something, you create this false reality that you and the world are not complete nor whole. Without judgement, conditions, competition and expectations, we can come into alignment with each other. Uniting with all people brings a community of syntropy and peace that is so greatly searched for today.


Q: If you could speak to young girls everywhere today, what is the #1 lesson you’d like to share?

A: Love yourself so deeply; without comparison to others, your past, or your future self. Be the best version of your true essence in each present moment. Act based on what lights you up with unlimited self-empowerment in the world. And just see how incredible and infinite you are. There is never anything wrong with anyone, as rights and wrongs are mere illusions. There is only balance, imbalance and wholeness. You are so perfect just the way you are right now. Live and love without judgments.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve made in your life to be happier and healthier?

A: The biggest change I’ve made is how I view myself and the universe. I use to feel confused in a confused world, like one big mystery I desperately had to solve. As I started getting into breath-work, yoga, meditation, Qigong, and other forms of energy work, I began to see with an in-depth understanding that I do not need to chase, solve or fix anything. I realized there is nothing to heal, and that everything in each moment is based on previous and present actions. In this regard, I decided to be fully present and aware of all thoughts therefore affecting any actions, reactions and emotional imbalances. I am and I observe. In this simplicity, I embraced happiness but also neutrality. In the neutrality is where I reached a state of ultimate bliss on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve made in your life to make the world better?

A: The biggest change I’ve made is living an eco-friendly, sustainable and minimalistic life. My life is abundant and fruitful in such simple ways. I don’t use anything with plastic or chemicals. I wear organic and natural plant-based clothing materials with natural dyes; which saves a ton of earth’s resources. I eat life, not death. This includes a lot of fruits, as fruits are high in biophotons and are the most easily digestible energy. I’m compassionate toward all creatures including each individual. Everyone is on their own journey and I choose not to judge anyone for their choices. I choose to be an option for wisdom of syntropy and connection for the advancement and unification of an empowered society through harmony.

“If you wish to see wholeness, connection, peace and/or bliss, then embody it and perceive it to be. The answer is in the question.”

Q: Can you tell us a little about Syntropy? We have been reading more about it lately and it’s fascinating.

A: Syntropy is mindful thinking and dynamic actions of the collective consciousness, which is innate and creative intelligence. It is a comprehensive approach to wholesome wellbeing that harmonizes, expresses and harnesses the laws of gravity with the understanding of all universal laws.

Syntropy is aligning and synchronizing our goals and dreams for the advancement of ourselves and the universe with forces that use as little energy as possible to achieve effective behavior. This leads to a steady, predictable and sustainable state for the harmony of all creation.

The company and foundation my partners and I created called Syntropy System is the outcome of unifying synergistic modalities applied to daily practices and integral theories, for the purpose of increasing consciousness and creating a higher state of equilibrium for the self.

It is a logical, responsible and sustainable approach to open harmony in all parts of yourself, the environment, and the multi-universe. It is the psychological state of wholesome association with others. It is characterized by the concentration of energy, {rather than dissipation} the creation of indifferences, durable order, and the ability to maintain the system to infinity. Our ‘applied energy’ is the “force”, that makes outcomes manifest. It is a comprehensive approach to well-being that honors and expresses the energies of consciousness.

{Editor note: for more on Syntropy we highly recommend books by Ulisse di Corpo who wrote, “Syntropy draws individuals and systems together by their common characteristics and goals. In a way, syntropy can be regarded as the life force that emanates from the unifying action of love.”}

Q: What is the one question you wish people would ask you more often?

A: Ahhh interesting question! A question from someone could be: “How can we all shift our perception right now in this very moment, globally, to awaken the masses that all is whole and connected, so that we may end unnecessary suffering?” 

My answer would be: It’s as simple as the question states — shift your perception to that which you question and seek. If you wish to see wholeness, connection, peace and/or bliss, then embody it and perceive it to be. The answer is in the question. Be what you seek. Then you may no longer seek and just become complete.

Q: What does being a Social Icon mean to you?

A: I share my platform to inspire and awaken our species in a cosmic equilibrium. I’m not here to tell someone what is right or wrong. We are all accessing different belief systems and programs. I am here creating an evolving space to show that there is a pure truth under all these systemic beliefs — a truth that we all have in common, and no judgment or comparison can define it.

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