Why Social Icons?


My passion...

Connecting people who, together, can help create more positive change in the world. Few people have the ability to catalyze cultural change like today's social media influencers.  So, I’m passionate about serving the ones who care so they can better serve the world.

Another passion of mine: using technology for good. We have amazing tools to connect people and resources all over the world, and we need to prioritize actions for our collective human benefit — and the earth’s benefit — not just brands’ benefit.

Why we should care about Social Icons doing good...

The power of cultural influence is one of the biggest opportunities of our time.  Social Icons are so much more than a feed of content or a channel to be monetized. 

They have the ability to inspire the world and to shift cultural habits that have huge impacts. We need to respect that superpower, understand it better, and wield it for positive change. 

Something was missing... 

Basically, a place to acknowledge girls who deeply care about the world and who are using their influence to do something about it! 

I really hope you'll join me on this journey of using social media for good.

xo, Lindsay