Why Social Icon Sessions?


I believe...

It's our purpose to share our unique gifts with the world. And my unique gift has always been connecting people who, together, can help each other create more  success and positive change in the world. 

My passion...

I'm passionate about serving you so you can serve up more good in the world! 

Why we should care about Social Icons doing good...

The power of cultural influence is one of the biggest opportunities of our time.  Few people have the ability to catalyze cultural change like today's social media influencers.  We need to respect that superpower, understand it better, and wield it for positive change. 

As a social media influencer, you are so much more than a feed of content or a channel to be monetized.  You have the ability to change the world, and to have a lot of fun doing it!

Something was missing... 

A space where female influencers can gather to support each other, remind each other what inspires them to create, and learn about more ways to collaborate for good. 

Basically, a group for girls who give a shit about the world and wanna use their influence to do something about it! 

I've run my own Marketing & PR Consulting business for nine years, so I'm very familiar with the power of Marketing and the 'brand' side of things.  The issue with that perspective is that it's usually focused only on what's good for the brands - not necessarily what's good for the world or what's good for the people promoting it.  That's why I wanted to create a "brand-free zone" where we could take a step back from individual items or companies and look at the bigger-picture impact of what we do.   

I really hope you'll join me! 

xo, Lindsay