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We've created something special: a place devoted to recognizing and supporting Social Icons — amazing women who are using their social reach to help the world.  We’re a place to find more depth and more connection around things that matter. We want to be a guide on your journey of using media for good


Turn Your Passions into Purpose

We're all about standing for something bigger.  When you share causes you’re passionate about and positive ways the world can make changes, you lead by example for everyone.

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Find New Ways to Create Value

As a Social Icon, you have the potential to make a huge positive impact AND be an amazing entrepreneur. That starts with creating real value for the world.

Make Genuine Connections

Life is better with a community of aligned people who believe in you!  Find and connect with other Social Icons who care about similar causes and start co-creating a better future.  

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Social Icon Interviews
Meet Sydney Porter

In our interview series, we talk with Social Icons about the causes they’re passionate about and the impact they’re making through social media. Sydney is an earth advocate, lover of nature, and activist. She has learned how to vibrate higher, and it shows in everything she shares.


Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. 


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We’re building an open community for cause-driven Social Icons who want:
More connection. More meaningful media.
More ways to team up and change the world!