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We've created something unique: a small, private community just for female influencers who care about changing the world.  So you can find your tribe and have the resources you need on your journey of using media for good

Join other Social Icons around the world to fuel and support your dreams of making positive social change!  

Considering dates for LA Social Icon events in early 2019


Turn Your Passions into Purpose

We're all about standing for something bigger.  When you join our monthly event series and share your passions with other influencers, we can help you turn them into more purposeful content and partnerships. 

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Learn New Ways to Create Value

As a social icon,  you have the potential to make a huge positive impact AND be an amazing entrepreneur. That starts with creating real value for the world. We help you discover new ways to add value, so you can create the life and career you've dreamed of. 

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Create Genuine Connections

Life is better with a tribe of badass ladies who've got your back!  Being around other high-vibe influencers who have your best interests at heart is crucial to success (and sanity). 

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Social Icon Interviews
Meet Jackie Almeida

In our interview series, we talk with today's social icons about the good they're doing in the world and the meaningful content they want to share. We're excited for you to meet Jackie Almeida - she is all about spreading good vibes wherever she goes!


Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. 


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Our Sessions

Our Sessions are a series of small gatherings for social icons. You also get ongoing access to a private chat group/ online community and resources and ideas for you to help change the world!